Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kickin' it monkstyle

Some reasons why my new haircut rocks...

* I'm going to Nepal soon to hang around in monasteries and it will be good to blend in with the Tibetan monks there.

* Thailand is hella hot!

* It's good finally gettin' my shampoo budget under control.

* It feels cool, and it feels cool when people rub my head. If you rub it one way it's all smooth; the other way it's kind of spiky and rough. So there's another way I am like a shark.

* Aerodynamics, for when I am in the zone while gardening or building with cob.

* It's better than having dirty, sticky hair all full of mango sap (see next post just below).


hadar said...

You look great.
It rained in Yasotorn too! Crazy.

Josh said...

Yo Hads!

You're real nice.