Saturday, March 10, 2007

Field trip

A couple of weeks ago we took a field trip to Sankampaeng (east of Chiang Mai) to visit an artists' residence, a permaculture farm, and a hot springs resort.

The artists' residence had some nice examples of baan din (earth houses) and some creative interior and exterior finishes.

The permaculture farm also had some nice baan din as well as a lot of young coconuts to eat!

I got up early and took some nice shots of the sunrise over the rice fields...

The hot springs was a built-up resort-type place, but very nice. They had these big pools where you could cook a basket of eggs. Tahn was super into this aspect...

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Chris Robinson said...

Hi thanks for interesting photos would like to know more about the artist and exact location how it was built and what do they do...thanks