Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dam in Kachin State, Burma to displace thousands

Article + photography on Global Post by my friend Ryan on a massive dam project in Kachin State, northern Burma.

The dam will flood an area the size of NY city and displace thousands of Kachin villagers in order to supply China with cheap electricity.


Nathalie J- said...

Hello Josh !

My name is Nathalie (french), I'm travelling since a year, doing volunteering job a bit everywhere. I'm going in Thailand next month, for a month and a half, and I'm desperatly trying to contact Pun Pun to ask them if they need any help, because I would love to go working with them. But their website is not working ! So I was thinking,maybe you could give me the email of someone there to contact ?
You can contact me there : njouat[at]gmail.com

Thanks a million !


Amelia Tang said...

hi Josh,

A sentence in an article on work & travel got my attention. It was less the content than your manner of speaking which intrigued me.

'... new age-y hippie types, or those who want to recline in the banality of affluent middle class comfort & consumerism.'

Perhaps its simply that someone speaks the same language. Either way, I'd love to meet you. I happen to be travelling through Thailand to Myanmar, with an open plan.

I know that you're very busy, & a thought on my mind is that I simply want to experience your way of life, and understand the work that you do, offering everything I may do to help without any form of payment.

So in case meeting you is possible, my email's amelia.tang.jy@gmail.com & once you contact me I'll give you my number.

love & light