Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bamboo Olympics

Pi Jo scored a humongous load of free bamboo the other day. We had a helluva good time unloading the truck and throwing the poles into the pond. (Soaking in water preserves the bamboo.)

We had a contest to see who could launch the huge poles the furthest. It was the Thai version of the Scottish Highlanders' caber-toss. Of course Pi Jeni won, since he's got Lahu Hill Tribe Power! The regular Thais just can't hang with the hill tribers, let alone a skinny West-By-God-Virginia HillBilly like me.

Anyway, once the poles were all in the water the real fun began sorting out the pile so that the poles could all be at least partially submerged. Thanks to Pun Pun Intern Tai Power Seef for photographing our antics...

Pi Krit displaying some bamboo balancing skills.

Michel mastered the float.

The kids watch the fun.

See more of Tai's amazing photography at her website.

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