Monday, January 08, 2007

Holiday adventures

The holiday season was nothing if not festive in our farming village in northern Thailand! Here are some photos that only hint at the fun...

Our bamboo Christmas tree

A cold early morning hike up to the Lahu hill tribe village, says Aussie Leah

If you lived in a hill tribe, and these freaks showed up for breakfast, what would you do?

Celebrating with the Lahu hill tribe:
We danced in a circle at each villager's house

Then the dancers poured water over the host's hands

The dancers leave a tray of snacks for the host. The host takes then and gives other snacks to the dancers, who take them to the next house.

This chick was so into me...

Jun Jiao, Pun Pun's youngest member, dressed up in her hill tribe garb

New Year's Oddities...
Baan Thai founder Christian and US Leah wear their undies on the outside

So, it was a costume party, but Pi Dtai and Dtang somehow got the idea it was a drag queen party. Aren't they beautiful?

OK, let me explain...

I'm representing the Gillian Welch song "Red Clay Halo"...

All the girls wanna dance with the boys from the city
and they don't care to dance with me
But it ain't my fault that the fields are muddy
and the red clay stains my feet

Well it's under my nails, and it's under my collar
and it shows on my Sunday clothes
I do my best with the soap and water
but the damned old dirt won't go

But when I pass through the pearly gates
will my gown be gold instead?
Or just a red clay robe, with red clay wings
and a red clay halo for my head?

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